Valorization charette

Valorization since 2000

Already in 2000, Transports M. Charette Inc. was in the valorization business. Thus, softwood bark from a sawmill became for us a conifer mulch much appreciated by the parks Department of the City of Montreal.

Another example of this vision is the success achieved by the valorization of asphalt shingles. Once treated here, this material, once destined to the landfill, becomes a component for the paving and alternative fuel industry, destined to partially replace coal for the CRH group.

It lies at the heart of the values ​​of our founding president of trying to do more with less and he has managed to instill this notion to the whole team. Valorization means increasing the value of the results. To get there, there are various possible ways: we continuously rethink and correct multiple factors such as, the type of trailer used, adapted or specific equipment, roads used, logistics and more.